Author: Shayna Newham-Joynes

Ms. A Song Cycle – Review

Ms. is a song cycle inspired by women living with Multiple Sclerosis, Creator Rory Sherman has a close connection to the debilitating condition and was inspired by something his mother (who has MS) had told him. From there he started to write a couple of songs, he then decided to to create an album gathering together 14 west end leading ladies and an eclectic mix of composers and lyricists to create this one of a kind album. what started as such a small idea has become something extraordinary. It is a non profit  creation in which  all involved have...

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Zootropolis review – Disney’s latest animated film

Friday saw the release of Disney’s 55th animation Zootropolis, and I was lucky enough to attend an advance screening. It is an insightful tale of determination and self-belief, or so I thought from the trailer. Turns out Disney have done it again, and created an extraordinary production highlighting issues from around the globe.  Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), a rabbit from Bunny Burrows has a dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer. Once she has completed her training, she gets assigned to the police department of Savannah central in the city of Zootropolis. A buzzing city where...

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