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Derren Brown’s ‘INFAMOUS’ (no spoilers)

“Never show anyone” says Christian Bale’s character Borden in the 2006 illusion-fueled thriller The Prestige. “They’ll beg you and they’ll flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up… you’ll be nothing to them”. Lucky for us illusionist, mentalist and downright smiliest hypnotist you’re ever likely to meet, Derren Brown doesn’t seem interested in playing by those rules. Because for his latest collaboration with genius writer-director Andy Nyman, Derren Brown’s Infamous isn’t only willing to tell you how he achieves all this outstanding wizardry, but for those of you who behave yourselves – he’s about...

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First of all, this isn’t a normal show, so suck a bag of dicks if it deserves a normal review. Picture the venue you’ve been going to for years, not religiously, just now and again to see the act or band you’ve wanted to see for a long time. It’s now a few months since you sat in your dressing gown click-click-clicking away at the refresh-pages, ‘captcha’ verifications, wrong passwords and (surely) fair handling fees that has now become the standard routine of online ticket chasing. It’s all normal now, no getting away from it. You cut out of...

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  It’s been over three years since Ridley Scott announced he’d be returning to the sci-fi/extra-terrestrial genre that he played a big part in crafting. Which in turn played a big hand in making his name. So naturally, speculation began that his latest project Prometheus was to be the long awaited and often alluded to Alien (1979) prequel. Cast and crew, including Scott himself have both fueled and denied the rumors consistently. But now it’s time for audiences everywhere to find out for themselves. Following a gripping and crucial prologue the story begins to feel classically atmospheric only moments...

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