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Avengers Assemble

  If you haven’t heard about this movie I don’t know what planet you’ve been on, but its finally arrived and at some point you are gonna have to get up to speed. Marvel have for the last 4 years been reintroducing us to some of their greatest superheros in preparation for this moment. The build up has been immense with no real failures (other than Captain America which still made 36million dollars in the US alone. Chump change!!). The only worry for the fans, was after all this hype would the final product be WORTH it. In every...

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Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday Roman Reloaded

Nicki Minaj is back and this time she’s let her alter ego Roman Zolanski and her mother Martha Zolanski(with the british accent) have a little bit more of the spotlight. With 22 tracks to listen to its taken a little while to wade through it all but we’ve done it and have the verdict for you! Now we’ve heard talk that its a concept album to bring Roman to the audienece blah blah blah!!! The fact is Nicki likes to play with her voice and throw different styles and accent about and she’s very good at it! As far...

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Labrinth – Electronic Earth

  So the eagerly awaited debut album by one of the UK’s hottest producers has been out a few weeks now and having let the dust settle its time to see what its really about. Labrinth came onto our radars back in 2010 when he produced Tinie Tempah’s number one track ‘Pass Out’. Soon after this he released his first solo single ‘Let the Sun Shine’ (which features on the album) but its been a good year and a half since that. Was the album really worth the wait?? In my opinion, yes!!!! Its a trubute to all the...

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Drake – Take Care

  Last month saw Drake return with his highly anticipated second studio album, but does the man with the distinct Canadian drone still excite us as much as the hype. ‘Over my dead body’ is the opening track and in true Drizzy style it sounds like an honest account of how he’s feeling. “I think I killed everybody in the game last year, man, fuck it I was on though” is his opening line. To the point, and supposedly from the heart, much of the album continues in this way. Its nothing innovative or new compared with his first...

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Rihanna – Talk that Talk

  Last month Rihanna released her latest Album ‘Talk that Talk’. The lead single ‘We found Love’ produced by Clavin Harris has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, and you can hardly go anywhere without hearing it, so there’s no need to even go there. ‘You Da One’ has also had its fair share of airplay so I won’t talk that talk either. The trouble is there isn’t really much else to talk about. Out of the 14 tracks there are only 4 maybe 5 that I wanna listen to(2 of which I said I wouldn’t...

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