Year: 2016

Captain America Civil War – Film Review (no spoilers)

It’s time for the next instalment in the Marvel film universe. Captain America Civil war hits the UK screens April 29th. The build up has been immense. It’s had the usual teasers and surprises and the world has been plunged into the world of #teamcap and #teamironman. That’s right, 2 of our favourite Avengers are going head to head, in what promises to be a superhero battle of epic proportions. Coming only weeks after rival DC comics ‘Batman Vs Superman‘, it’s hard not to compare the 2 films. The thing is, there is no contest. Captain America Civil War...

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The Jungle Book (2016) Film Review

Mowgli is Back!! The Jungle Book (2016) has arrived!! It was way back in 1967 that Disney released their original animated classic. 49 years is definitely enough time to wait before exploring this much loved Rudyard Kipling story, through another’s eyes. And more than a few people have thought this, because Warner Bros also have a film in post production, and scheduled for 2018. What have Disney done differently? You would be forgiven for thinking Jon Favreau‘s Jungle Book (2016) is a live action film. But in essence it’s an animation. From the opening scenes we are treated to...

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Batman vs Superman – Film Review Migration

Of all the superhero films of the the last 10 years Batman Vs Superman has had the most scepticism surrounding it. The most common statement I’ve heard is ‘why are they even doing it?! Batman wouldn’t even have a chance!’. But the key, is in the second part of the title, Dawn of Justice. DC comics have some major competition in the Marvel Avengers series and they have to do something to step up to the plate. Otherwise they’ll be left by the wayside. Batman Vs Superman starts off well, we get straight into a recap of where our...

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Zootropolis review – Disney’s latest animated film

Friday saw the release of Disney’s 55th animation Zootropolis, and I was lucky enough to attend an advance screening. It is an insightful tale of determination and self-belief, or so I thought from the trailer. Turns out Disney have done it again, and created an extraordinary production highlighting issues from around the globe.  Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), a rabbit from Bunny Burrows has a dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer. Once she has completed her training, she gets assigned to the police department of Savannah central in the city of Zootropolis. A buzzing city where...

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