Ms. is a song cycle inspired by women living with Multiple Sclerosis, Creator Rory Sherman has a close connection to the debilitating condition and was inspired by something his mother (who has MS) had told him. From there he started to write a couple of songs, he then decided to to create an album gathering together 14 west end leading ladies and an eclectic mix of composers and lyricists to create this one of a kind album. what started as such a small idea has become something extraordinary. It is a non profit  creation in which  all involved have given their time and talents for free and all proceeds from the album are going to the MS society.

The album its self follows stories of those living with MS  as well as from the points of view of those surrounded by family members with the condition. Rory’s creation just goes to prove that if you have a project no matter the caliber if it means enough to you, then you will find a way to make it happen. it’s an innovative way of sharing the stories of theses incredible women. We all take something different from music just like each person deals with a condition differently and combining the two really was the best decision for this album. Each song is so different to the other you would think that being such a difficult subject matter the music and lyrics would be very serious, but some songs take a more comic approach in particular ‘ My son’s secret’ by Tamar Broadbent and Rory Sherman, sung by Josefina Gabrielle, in which a mother discovers her sons stash which she then proceeds to take and gets relief from.  The lyrics of all these songs are so relatable even if you know no one living with  MS or any other chronic illness. you can find truth in each and every one of them because they are based on stories that where told to Rory by women with MS.

The list of creatives involved alone is breath taking ; Caroline Quentin, Janie Dee, Rosemary Ashe, Robert J Sherman, George Maguire and  Tamar Broadbent to name a few. Its an incredible album that really deserves a listen.

The album is available to buy from  you will also hear a few previews there.

WARNING: There are a few expletives amongst the album.