Year: 2012

Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift

  Ice Age 4 see our well known heros Manny, Diego and Sid thrown into yet another adventure amidst an earth changing continental drift. “Can they entertain us as much this time round?” I hear you cry!! Well they give it damn good try and the kids that this instalment is is aimed at are sure to enjoy themselves. It isn’t quite as clever as previous prehistoric romps but the high production values and beautiful animation that we have come to love are as solid as ever. The really cool thing about continental drift though, is the number of...

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The Amazing Spiderman

Market research says: True stories, sequels, and remakes/reboots. Why else would an origin story be retold only ten years after it’s original? The performances are great. Andrew Garfield is very comfortable as the new brooding Peter Parker, digging up some very authentic angst, whilst shifting effortlessly to his witty, jocular alias, taunting his prey. There is definitely a writing problem though. No spoilers, but certain plot developments seem to just get left alone after a while leaving unanswered questions.  There’s quite a lot of dialogue and when the action does begin, it’s brief. Up until the end that is,...

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  It’s been over three years since Ridley Scott announced he’d be returning to the sci-fi/extra-terrestrial genre that he played a big part in crafting. Which in turn played a big hand in making his name. So naturally, speculation began that his latest project Prometheus was to be the long awaited and often alluded to Alien (1979) prequel. Cast and crew, including Scott himself have both fueled and denied the rumors consistently. But now it’s time for audiences everywhere to find out for themselves. Following a gripping and crucial prologue the story begins to feel classically atmospheric only moments...

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Snow White and the Huntsman

  Snow White and the Huntsman is the second film about the legendary lady and her little friends in just as many months. What the new found interest in this story is we dont know, but the trailer promises action and adventure with maybe a new darker twist to things. A cast that boasts Oscar winner Charlize Theron and Hollywoods hottest up and coming young talent (Kristen Stewart-Twilight Saga, Chris Hemsworth-Avengers Assemble, Sam Claflin-Pirates of the Caribbean 4), had us excited and lucky to be watching on opening night, but maybe we should have saved ourselves. For the first hour the...

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Avengers Assemble

  If you haven’t heard about this movie I don’t know what planet you’ve been on, but its finally arrived and at some point you are gonna have to get up to speed. Marvel have for the last 4 years been reintroducing us to some of their greatest superheros in preparation for this moment. The build up has been immense with no real failures (other than Captain America which still made 36million dollars in the US alone. Chump change!!). The only worry for the fans, was after all this hype would the final product be WORTH it. In every...

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